We are EXCITED to announce we are expanding Lawrencetown Lodge Inc. *FALL 2022!*

3 tiny home pine wood cottages nestled in a wooden area just minutes from East Lawrencetown Beach.




Hi there, we thought we'd take a minute to introduce ourselves and show you the faces behind these tiny home cottages. Our names are Corey & Alicia and we are the co founders and owners of Lawrencetown Lodge Inc! We were both born and raised in Cape Breton so it only made sense that we would end up living in a place surrounded by water. University led Alicia to the Halifax area and Alicia led Corey! We moved to East Lawrencetown in 2015 and naturally, fell in love with it's beauty (both the scenery and the people). We wanted to create something that would allow more people to come fall in love with this place - that is how the idea of the tiny home cottages came to be! We have poured so much love into these cottages and we have so many plans for our development - we can not wait to share them with you!

See you soon,
Corey & Alicia



Lawrencetown Lodge started in June 2018 as an idea to solve an accommodation shortage in the area. We continuously had friends and family coming to the area with the question ‘is there anywhere close by to stay?’ – We ran with the idea of developing cottages and have been working on creating Lawrencetown Lodge Inc. ever since. Not only did we want to create an accommodation business, we wanted to create a unique experience with modern touches in a beautiful location. We feel that we are on our way to making our vision a reality. This phase is the first of many, and we hope to expand into a getaway that everyone will want to experience – you’ll have to stay tuned for what we have in store!



We have so many plans for our tiny home cottage development! Our first phase of 3 cottages has only skimmed the top layer of what we have dreamed this overall project will look like. We are hopeful that phase two will consist of 3 more tiny home cottages and an office space located on site! Depending on the success and the need for our cottages, we have room to expand and make this area it's own little village. We plan to create a green space filled with pic nic tables, hammocks and plenty of room for our guests to hangout and play! These are just a few of the plans that we would like to incorporate within Lawrencetown Lodge Inc.